Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Data lineage is the tracking of data values as they flow through an organization and its systems.  Data lineage lets the users of a data warehouse know where a particular value came from (which system, on what date, etc…)

Data lineage applies to unstructured data too.  Keep reading:

The Media Standards Trust has launched a website aimed at highlighting instances of 'churnalism' - a phrase made popular Nick Davies, author of Flat Earth News, which refers to the tendancy among some journalists to cut and paste content from press releases with minimal 'topping and tailing' and little effort to seek independent comment or challenge claims therein. 

Called, appropriately enough, the website will enable visitors to check press releases against more than three million news articles, from national newspapers and the websites of major broadcasters. 

Visitors to the non-profit website will also apparently be able to see the percentage of any press release cut and pasted into news articles as well as tagging examples of 'churn' for others to see, thus creating a database of 'churnalism', and sharing them via Twitter and Facebook.

The Media Blog

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