Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gerritsen Beach Blogger Criticized for Posting Photos - NYTimes.com

The following highlights some issues about responsible dissemination of information.  Also some questions about parental responsibility, police responsibility, and the responsibility to not throw rocks at women with baby strollers, even if you are only 12 years old and trying to impress an older brother.  (In my childhood home, we tried to impress each other with good grammar.)

It was Mr. Cavanagh’s community watchdogging on Halloween that created the most ire.

Around 3 p.m., Mr. Cavanagh said, he saw more than three dozen adolescents hurling eggs, potatoes, rocks and shaving cream cans at buses, cars, women with strollers and an elderly man.

Mr. Cavanagh called the police, but it took them more than 30 minutes to arrive. By then, the group — which he had captured on camera — had scattered.

At 8:48 the next morning, he posted “No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens.” It included more than a dozen photos of the offending youths, along with images of public Facebook profiles. Status updates described pelting the police and breaking bus windows.

Two days later, when the property owners’ association held its monthly meeting, the audience railed against Mr. Cavanagh.

Gerritsen Beach Blogger Criticized for Posting Photos - NYTimes.com

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