Monday, January 24, 2011

Information Pleeze


Information Pleas

This blog will encourage its readers to be responsible information creators and skeptical information consumers. The intended “encouraging” will sometimes become “desperate imploring.”

Information Please

Like the long-running radio program of the same name moderated by Clifton Fadiman, this blog aspires to be informative and entertaining.

This blog is not a general almanac such as Rather, this blog focuses on the opportunities and pitfalls of living and doing business in an information-saturated environment.

Information? Please.

This blog will call attention to irresponsible behavior by information creators or consumers or both. Such behavior might include mendacity, but could also include shortcomings in language and logic, failure to appreciate how metaphor and analogy work, and the misapplication of software tools and techniques. “You call that information? Puh-lease.”

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