Sunday, May 8, 2011

Selling Books by Day, Writing Them by Night -

Novelists—even those who use twitter—hang on to the perhaps quaint notion that their output is books you can weigh.

“I’m a writer, but I also love selling books.”

Through her job, Straub has befriended other booksellers across the country, at conferences and, increasingly, on Twitter. Which, in turn, helps her as an author. “When I was setting up a tour, I called on them,” she said. “Working at the store has helped me make relationships with people I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.”

Other writers agree that bookselling work has a concreteness that writing itself can lack. “It’s tangible — you go in and straighten the shelves and sell a book to someone who might have never thought of buying it otherwise,” said Jami Attenberg, who works every Saturday at Word in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Selling Books by Day, Writing Them by Night -

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