Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yasmina Reza on ‘How You Talk the Game’ -

Extending (er, riffing on) the previous post: A successful creative-type working in a first-millennium medium (i.e., live drama) has trouble manipulating television (old media) and largely refuses to participate in the new (e.g., Twitter).

A blend of fragility and steel, Ms. Reza wavers between extremes: a determination to be judged by her work alone and a desire that it be understood and appreciated. The publication of her new play, “Comment Vous Racontez la Partie” (“How You Talk the Game”), has propelled her, once again, to face a reporter.

She does not have a Web site, blog or Twitter account. She resists television interviews. “It’s degrading,” she said. “They never give you time to talk. I hesitate. I reflect. I contradict myself. Whenever I’ve done it, I was very, very bad. A catastrophe.”

Yasmina Reza on ‘How You Talk the Game’ -

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